Fuel Additives & treatments for all Engines

  • Improves performance and response
  • Improves fuel efficiency and mpg by 8-14%
  • Reduces particulate emissions by 86%
  • Save £££ with concentrated power and multi-dose bottles

Fueltone® PRO diesel fuel additives are suitable for all diesel engine applications from modern cars to vans, HGVs, agricultural machinery, marine vessels and power generators.

Diesel Fuel Additives

Fueltone® PRO petrol fuel additives are suitable for all petrol engine applications from everyday passenger cars and vans to high performance sports cars, boats and bikes.

Petrol Fuel Additives

Fueltone® PRO has developed a professional motorcycle fuel additive suitable for use with all motorcycles, petrol scooters and mopeds.

Motorcycle Fuel Additives

Fueltone® PRO professional engine treatments are custom designed to protect and maintain engine systems.

Engine Treatments

Save Time & Money

Great value concentrated formulas and multidose formats saves money and earns profits for trade

Improve Performance

Improves acceleration, smoother idling and increases brake horse power

Extra Tool

Formulas designed to reduce or cure engine problems

Improved MPG & Emissions

Cut fuel consumption and emissions saving money and time

Scientifically proven,
fuel additives & engine treatments

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