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Engine Treatments

Fueltone® Pro professional engine treatments are customised to optimise engine performance.

Engine Treatments

Fueltone® PRO Diesel System Primer is designed as a premium fuel replacement filter primer; advances and protects fuel pump and all exposed metal components; reduces stress on the system during priming; cost effective multi dose bottle; no mixing required.

Fueltone® PRO Specialist Engine Flush is a specialist product designed to enhance the flushing of contaminants such as particles, thickened oil and trace moisture; designed to be added directly to the old engine oil; de-waters, lubricates, cleans and protects engine components; single dose easy to use bottle; fast - works in 2-5 mins.

  • Fueltone® Pro DPF Foam Burst

    • Direct to source application - treats DPF in situ
    • Foam breaks down and dissolves particles
    • Can completely unblock the DPF
    • 15 min action time
    • Save £££'s on expensive repairs
  • Fueltone® PRO Diesel System Primer - DSP

    • 3 Litre bottle
    • Cost effective mutli dose system - Capacity to fill up to 8 fuel filters
    • Premium diesel fuel subsitute for priming diesel systems
    • Unique formula advances ignition and protects the fuel pump and metal components, minimising damage during priming

    Scientifically designed for priming diesel engines with exceptionally good ignition properties and additives designed to reduce stress on exposed metals.

  • Fueltone® PRO Specialist Engine Flush

    • 200ml bottle
    • Single dose, easy to apply
    • Custom designed formula to clean, de-water and lubricate the system
    • Deals with carbon and other small particles by keeping them in suspension, and inhibits carbon formation
    • Prevents oil thickening
    • Quick to use, 2-5 mins run time

    Our advanced cleaning technology in a Specialist Engine Flush.

    Scientifically designed premium oil system flush designed to clean and lubricate.

Scientifically proven, fuel additives & engine treatments

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