Fueltone® Pro - Developed in the UK by expert fuel chemists

Professional fuel additives designed to clean fuel systems, cut emissions and enhance engine performance.

Developed by expert fuel chemists, Fueltone® PRO fuel additives work by improving fuel combustion, increasing engine power, improving weak acceleration and smoothing rough idling.

Regular use helps to keep fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers clean as well as improve fuel economy and increase brake horse power (BHP). An all-round health treatment for your engine.

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Independently Verified

Tickfords Powertrain Independent Testing

Following a series of tests run on two used Ford Transits, our report outlines the test procedure and summarises the results.

On fuel consumption & regulated exhaust emissions:

  • A best fuel consumption improvement on the combined drive cycle of over 9% (change from a low of 34.48mpg to a high of 37.63mpg achieved after mileage accumulation).
  • Exhaust particulates reduced by 86%.
TUV SED NEL LTD Independent Testing

A short wheel base transit was subject to the European Drive Cycle in pre and post treated form. The results achieved were significant and the highest improvement in mpg was in the combined cycle.

The results highlights were:

  • An improvement in fuel consumption of 14%.
  • Levels of CO were significantly reduced.
  • Exhaust particulates were reduced by circa 50%.

Easy to use

Fill Up
Add Fueltone® Pro

Cost effective

Save up to £5.60 every time you fill up.

Better Economy

Improved fuel economy by between 8-14%.

Improve Performance

Improves acceleration, smoother idling and increases brake horse power.

Reduce Emissions

Reduces CO, CO2, NOX emissions.
Reduces diesel particulate emissions by up to 86%.