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Professional Moto Fuel Additives

Fueltone® PRO has developed a professional motorcycle fuel additive suitable for use with all motorcycles, petrol scooters and mopeds.

  • Enhances Engine Performance
  • Boosts Octane Number
  • Cleans Fuel System & Cuts Emissions
  • Increase brake horsepower by up to 10%
  • Improves Fuel Economy

Fuel Additives Suitable for all motorcycle engines

Developed by expert fuel chemists, Fueltone® PRO additives work by improving fuel combustion, increasing engine power, improving weak acceleration and smoothing rough idling.

Regular use helps to keep fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers clean as well and improves fuel economy. It works as an all-round health treatment for your engine.

For engine performance and mpg gains, use Fueltone® PRO fuel additive with every fill up. For cleaning you can use one single dose - but to ensure parts and systems stay clean, use with every fill.

It's so easy to use. Simply add a single dose of Fueltone® PRO to a full tank of fuel and drive as normal. You should start to notice the difference and benefit from mpg improvements within a short time.

  • Fueltone® PRO Moto

    • Easy-to-carry 45ml bottle treats 1 average motorcycle tank (15-20lt)
    • Octane boost increases performance and improves mpg
    • More complete combustion reduces emissions
    • Advanced cleaning formula clears deposits and keeps the fuel system clean
    • Increase BHP by up to 10%

    Our original performance and cleaning formula optimised for Motorcycle engines in an easy-to-carry bottle.

    The best way to save money on fuel, increase performance and improve feel, and address common problems.

Scientifically proven, fuel additives & engine treatments

Whether you’re looking to improve performance or to help save on fuel costs, don't just take our word for it and read our reviews to see which additive is best for your vehicle.

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