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Drive smarter, save big: The fuel additives revolution

29th February 2024

As the world faces the challenges of minimising vehicle emissions and improving fuel efficiency, there's a shining beacon of hope emerging on the horizon: fuel additives. 

These innovative solutions are proving to be a game-changer, not just for your engine's health but also for your wallet, especially during these times of economic strain.

Fuel additives are developed to reduce emissions, enhance fuel consumption, and clean up fuel system components. 

By ensuring a cleaner fuel system, these additives promote more efficient burning, leading to increased power and reduced emissions, which often contain unburnt fuel and carbon.

We conducted research that revealed exciting findings. The latest advancements in additive chemistry are translating into significant savings for motorists – to the tune of at least a tank of fuel per year or potentially more than £80 for drivers covering the Department for Transport (DfT) average estimate of 6,800 miles annually.

According to data from the DfT, the average driver covers 6,800 miles per year. 

However, this figure is anticipated to be significantly higher for business users. Using DfT figures and assuming a tank size of 50 litres, drivers would typically need to fill up 15.5 times, but with fuel additives, this could reduce to just 14.7 times.

Even with the conservative estimates provided by the DfT, there's a clear benefit to using petrol or diesel additives. 

Considering the increased mileage as the country rebounds from the post-pandemic era, the fuel efficiency advantage will only grow, putting more money back into drivers' pockets.

Our comprehensive range of fuel additive and engine flush products complement our commitment to driving efficiency. 

In independent and field tests, our solutions have demonstrated remarkable results, including up to a 14 percent increase in fuel efficiency and up to an 86 percent reduction in particulate emissions.

With the right fuel additives, you can not only improve your vehicle's performance but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future while keeping more money in your pocket. 

It's a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

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