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Fueltone Pro DPF Foam Burst Product Launch

13th August 2019

FTPRO DPF Foam Burst400New Product Launch

DPF Foam Burst

Fueltone Ltd has just launched the newest product in the highly successful Fueltone Pro range of fuel additives and engine treatments. Known for our forward-thinking R&D and product development we are delighted to meet an ever-growing demand from our customers for a DPF cleaning solution that works.

Look no further.

DPF Foam Burst is added to the Fueltone Pro range and is designed to clean and unblock DPF filters in situ. No need to remove the DPF which saves a lot of labour time and money.

As we all know replacing a DPF is an expensive business and now, in most cases this will not be required. The foaming action of the DPF cleaner reaches deep inside the filter removing and dissolving carbon deposits from all the surfaces.

Garage professionals and their customers are already making huge savings on costly DPF repair and replacement by using this innovative product.

To keep the DPF in tip top condition we recommend using our best selling Fueltone Pro DPF additive at each fill up.

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