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Fueltone – Benefits to Fleet Owners

5th September 2018

Lorry1. How can Fueltone help improve the performance of vehicles?

The Fueltone Pro range is specifically designed to improve the running of vehicles as well as increase mpg and lower emissions. Both our diesel and petrol additives act by cleaning the fuel system components returning them to full function. Over time things like injectors can block with the by-products of combustion. This results in a lowering of performance and more frequent breakdowns. Using Fueltone will clean up the system allowing the engine to work efficiently. This, along with our cetane and octane improvers, drives better combustion which in turn gives you more mpg and dramatically cuts particulate emissions. Continued use keeps the engine in tip top condition and vastly reduces the load on the DPF. 

2. How does this translate into saving money on fuel?

Our products deliver a longer and cleaner burn of fuel in the combustion chamber which means you get more power from every drop of fuel. Allied to a fuel system that has been cleaned and is working effectively means a big boost in performance Independent testing and customer feedback show we can typically improve fuel consumption by 9-14% and cut particulate emissions by up to 86%.

3. For owners of large fleets, how can Fueltone support cost efficiencies?

One of the biggest costs for fleet owners is fuel. For many this accounts for over 30% of their costs. When allied to costs of maintenance and downtime for vehicles this percentage rises significantly. Fleet owners needs to keep their vehicles on the road for more of the time if they are going recover costs. Fueltone gives them savings in mpg as well as in reducing costly maintenance and in vehicle down time. For those operators who work within low emissions zones our performance in reducing emissions and lightening the load on the DPF’s will also help with efficiencies

4. Should the products to be used as a one-off treatment or as ongoing maintenance?

For a one-off clean Fueltone does an excellent job. For DPF faults and general fuel system issues such as blocked injectors then treating a single tank of fuel will have the desired impact. However, to gain mpg savings and reduce maintenance and downtime we recommend treating at every fill up. At a dosing rate of 1ml / litre of fuel it is very cost effective and the savings, even taking account of the cost of the additive, will be significant 

5. How will Fueltone support fleet owners in the future?

We will continue to help them cut costs and drive up efficiencies in their fleet. We have designed our range to meet the needs of fleet owners and now offer our products in bulk dosing forms to suit a wide range of needs. We will continue to talk to our fleet customers and they will directly influence new product development. As a company we stay connected to our customer base and it’s through this partnership that we’ve seen the development of the Fueltone Pro product range 

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