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Can emissions for Diesel cars be reduced?

15th August 2018

In recent months, Diesel cars have been facing a tough time during MOT tests and this is likely to worsen as the government targets particulate filters in trying to reduce emissions. 

Most Diesel drivers will know that reducing your car emissions will offer better performance, increased fuel economy and be cheaper to run; and although now days cars have a Euro emissions standard which classifies what emissions it produces in what quantities, actual real-time driving emissions can vary significantly.

This begs the questions, can emission for Diesel cars really be reduced?

There are things you can improve on when maintaining your car to ensure you are reducing your Diesel’s emissions as much as possible. Such as using better diesel, changing the air filter, changing the oil, reducing idle time or checking your tyre pressure; but ultimately adding a cleaning agent into the fuel system will help remove the deposits and lower the emissions.


Developed in the UK by expert fuel chemists, Fueltone® PRO fuel additives and treatments work by improving fuel combustion, increasing engine power, improving weak acceleration and smoothing rough idling.

Depending on the product, a bottle of liquid should be poured into the fuel tank – with the tank at least a quarter full – before driving the car 10 to 15 miles. The DPF cleaner should be used every three months to maintain optimum efficiency. In addition, you can use Fueltone® PRO diesel treatment at every fill up as this will reduce the ongoing load on your DPF as it reduces particulates by up to 86%

The Fueltone® PRO diesel treatment is for use in treating common engine problems. It cleans and restores fuel system components like injectors and treats smoky engines and reduces emissions. This results in improved engine performance and mpg as well as reducing emissions

What our customers say about our Fueltone® PRO diesel treatment:

“Every taxi that had high emissions has passed its emission test. After taking trials of a few Fueltone Pro products, I started to use the diesel multishot in a few taxis I look after to help get them through their Taxi emission tests. I have now used a good few times now and can say that every taxi that had high emissions has passed its emission test with no problems! I am now recommending this product to my customers and to be used before any diesel emission/taxi test.”

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