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Do Fuel Engine Treatments Really Work

25th July 2018

Engine Treatments

We firmly believe in our Fueltone products and love hearing the feedback from you guys, but we are often asked if fuel engine treatments really work? 

In short, yes they do. The main function of the engine treatment is to protect and clean your engine while delivering improved lubrication.

How to engine treatments work?

The Fueltone® PRO Diesel System Primeris designed as a premium fuel replacement filter primer; it protects the fuel pump and all exposed metal component which reduces stress on the system during priming.

The Diesel System Primer is scientifically designed for priming diesel engines with exceptionally good ignition properties and additives designed to reduce stress on exposed metals.

The Fueltone® PRO Specialist Engine Flush is a specialist product designed to enhance the flushing of contaminants such as particles, thickened oil and trace moisture; it is designed to be added directly to the old engine oil; de-waters, lubricates, cleans and protects engine components.

The Specialist Engine Flush is an advanced cleaning technology that is a scientifically designed premium oil system flush designed to clean and lubricate your engine. 

What Fueltone Engine treatment customers say about our products.

We are confident in our research, testing and final products in the engine flush range; but satisfaction for us comes from the reviews that our customers send us. 

“...every time we have used it has done its job 100% and in a much quicker time than most of the competitors, meaning less down time for myself and my mechanics. Looking forward to trying the fuel additives now too!”

“... the car’s engine was rattling very badly along with the oil light flickering at idle… I very much suspected the engine to be knackered and would need replaced or the car scrapped but the customer wanted us to try and fix it. I dosed the engine with a bottle of Fueltone® PRO Specialist Engine Flush and drove around the yard for a couple of minutes to get the car up to temperature and then avried the idle speed for 5 minutes. Once finished I drained the old oil and replaced the old oil filter with a new one and put fresh oil in… sent customer away to drive and see how she got on… customer has since been back in with a much quieter engine and now wants all other repairs carried out as she is keeping the car!”

A fuel engine treatment is definitely worth some time and investment, particularly on older cars and machinery. Contact us to ask how you can stock these fuel engine treatments in your garage or buy the treatment to use yourself.  

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