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Customer Endorsements Secure Major New Fueltone Agreement

5th December 2017

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The Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA) has entered a trade partnership with Fueltone following excellent feedback from its members for the company’s specialist fuel additives and engine treatments.

The SMTA has 1,160 members, and those signed up to its Trading Partners scheme will benefit from its exclusive price deal with Fueltone.

Norman Stirling, Membership Development Manager at SMTA, says: “Their products have been winning a lot of praise within our membership base. The Fueltone name kept coming up in conversations with garage owners who’d tried the products and been really pleased with the results.

“We thought that was excellent feedback – and coupled with Fueltone being a Scottish company – we’re confident this is the start of a great partnership.”

Charlene O’Connor, Fueltone CEO, says: “It’s the most significant supplier agreement we have made so far, opening the door to hundreds more members we weren’t previously doing business with.

“Our sales have already increased since becoming a trading partner with the SMTA. It’s been the best week of trading to date.”

Trading Partners works with suppliers to get better deals for SMTA members – many of which are smaller, independent garages, MOT stations and dealers.

Aberdeenshire-based Fueltone offers a comprehensive range of fuel additives designed to clean fuel systems, cut emissions and enhances engine performance. Regular use helps to keep fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers clean and improves fuel economy – working as an all-round health treatment for almost any petrol or diesel engine.

Fueltone has been operating independently since 2016, however, the same team of expert fuel chemists has been working on its products for more than six years. All the research and development for Fueltone’s products is carried out in Scotland with the manufacturing taking place in Yorkshire

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