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Great Feedback on our new DSP (Diesel System Primer)

9th August 2017

After only a month or so on the market the feedback from the trade for DSP is excellent. 

"We had a Volvo s50 come into us for a service, knowing that these are notoriously bad for starting after a fuel filter change I decided to fill the new filter with Fueltone’s Diesel System Primer. I proceeded to fit the filter and start the car. The car fired up first turn of the key!! A great relief as I was expecting the usual hassle with starting but this made the whole process much quicker. We have now ordered a box of DSP to have in stock and since this experience I have found that it has worked well on various other cars where I used to have issues before"

Ian Mackay
MOT Tester/Technician
Hawes Garage – South Queensferry

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