Sanitisers & Disinfectants

Fueltone are a UK Distributor of the Endurocide® range of sanitising products.

Helping you and your business to maintain effective hygiene and infection control standards.

Coronavirus Decontamination Solutions

As we transition out of lockdown and into a ‘new normal’, these products are here to help keep you, the people around you and your environment safe and free from harmful pathogens.

Whether you are a garage/garage forecourt, retail, leisure, health care organisation, school, food processor or caterer, we have a range of high performance products that have been tested extensively to BS EN Standards.

  • Enduro Hand Sanitiser

    A high performance, non irritant, foaming skin sanitiser

    • 99.99% kill rate for Coronavirus
    • Non-alcohol, 96hr patch test proves no skin irritation
    • Lasts 4x longer than alcohol products due to foaming action
    • Effective for up to 4 hrs
    • Non flammable, safe to store and transport

    Fast acting, quick drying and long lasting, alcohol free Enduro Hand Sanitiser is designed for everyday use - any time, anywhere!

  • Endurocide® Virucidal High Level Disinfectant

    For high level disinfection applications in non-food areas

    • Effective against Coronavirus
    • Hospitals & healthcare
    • Institutional & industrial areas
    • Surfaces, tools & equipment

    Available as ready to use liquid or as a concentrate (for dilution at 5% or 1 part to19 parts water).

    Can be applied on surfaces by mop, wipe,lance, spray and surface flooding or byimmersion for tools and equipment.

  • Quat Free Disinfectant (QFD)

    A high-performance hard surface cleaner and disinfectant

    • QUAT free, fragrance and taint free
    • Highly effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds
    • No residue
    • Not a skin irritant
    • Compatable with all surfaces

    An innovative, internationally accredited hard surface cleaner and disinfectant, ideal for use on all hard surfaces in kitchens, high-risk food preparation areas or anywhere requiring a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

    QFD is a disinfectant for the food & catering industry, ideal for deep cleaning all equipment and surfaces.

  • AntiBak Disinfectant Tablets & Residual

    Kills pathogens for up to 28 days after application

    • Effective against bacteria, fungi & enveloped viruses
    • Kills up to 99.999% of bacteria in 60 second
    • Protects surfaces by providing a long lasting biostatic protection layer - which bacteria cannot penetrate nor multiply on
    • Suitable for use on all hard surfaces such as floors, walls and equipment

    The Antibak Tablets are highly effective against viruses - Log 8 kill rate in 60 seconds against non-enveloped Murine Norovirus!

    The Residual provides biostatic protection, which protects surfaces by providing a biostaticlayer which pathogens cannot penetrate nor multiply on.

  • Endurocide® Desktop

    Workspace Sanitising Spray

    • 99.8% effective against Coronavirus
    • Dries quickly - with no sticky residue
    • Long lasting - proven efficacy up to 4 hours after application
    • Business, office, school, college, institutional and domestic settings

    For use on workspaces & desktops, PC & laptops, computer mice & mouse mats, monitors, telephones, tablets & mobiles.