Professional Fuel Additives & treatments for all Engines

  • Improves performance and response
  • Improves fuel efficiency and mpg by 8-14%
  • Reduces particulate emissions by 86%
  • Save £££ with concentrated power and multi-dose bottles

Fueltone® PRO diesel fuel additives are suitable for all diesel engine applications from modern cars to vans, HGVs, agricultural machinery, marine vessels and power generators.

Diesel Products

Fueltone® PRO petrol fuel additives are suitable for all petrol engine applications from everyday passenger cars and vans to high performance sports cars, boats and bikes.

Petrol Products

Fueltone® PRO has developed a professional motorcycle fuel additive suitable for use with all motorcycles, petrol scooters and mopeds.

Motorcycle Products

Fueltone® PRO professional engine treatments are custom designed to protect and maintain engine systems.

Engine Treatments

Cost effective

Save up to £5.60 every time you fill up.

Better Economy

Improved fuel economy by between 8-14%.

Improve Performance

Improves acceleration, smoother idling and increases brake horse power.

Reduce Emissions

Reduces CO, CO2, NOX emissions.
Reduces diesel particulate emissions by up to 86%.

Scientifically proven, professionally
tested fuel additives & engine treatments

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