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Clean diesel particulate filters will help in push to reduce emissions

22nd June 2022

Renewed focus has been put on emissions and net zero as the UK marks Clean Air Day 2022, however, fuel additive agent Fueltone Pro says solutions are already available to reduce vehicle emissions.

With the government’s net zero policy gathering pace, and attention shifting to the role of electric vehicles in reducing air pollution, the Aberdeenshire-based company has pointed out chemical technology has been developed to ensure internal combustion engine powered vehicles can run with reduced emissions.

The UK Government’s net zero emissions strategy is accelerating, with the roll out of further Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZs) and Clean Air Zones (CAZs) taking place during 2022, and the sale of new petrol and diesel cars set to be banned in the UK from 2030.

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Charlene O’Connor, chief executive officer of Fueltone Pro, said:

“The government is introducing new legislation to improve air quality, and while this may help, radically enforcing change to the UK vehicle parc will burden motorists with high costs of changing vehicles, and may see more harm being inflicted on the environment, as we use higher volumes of energy to extract resources, such as lithium and cobalt, to manufacture electric vehicle batteries.

“Not enough has been done to embrace current technologies that can reduce vehicle emissions. The automotive aftermarket already has solutions available to clean up the country’s vehicle parc and ensure these cars’ emissions are as low as possible.”

Diesel-powered vehicles all feature a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as part of the vehicle’s exhaust system, and if partially clogged with particulate, it increases back pressure in the engine, affecting fuel economy and reducing power, and over time can cause serious issues.

Fueltone has two product lines that optimise running of diesel particulate filters. The company’s Fueltone Pro DPF 200 product reduces the load on the DPF itself by vastly reducing filter-blocking particles, and by adding a fuel-tank based catalyst to make it easier for the filter to regenerate.

The other application is Fueltone Pro DPF Foam Burst, which is applied to the DPF in situ via a sensor port when the filter is blocked. The foam expands though the filter and burns away any particulate, saving time and costs on expensive repairs.

Fueltone’s range of fuel additive and engine flush products sit alongside DPF solutions, that in independent and field tests yielded up to a 14 percent increase in fuel efficiency and up to an 86 percent reduction in particulate emissions.

Clean Air Day is held annually to raise awareness of the health risk of air pollution, with The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognising that air pollution is the largest environmental health faced globally.

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