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All the latest news from Fueltone Pro regarding current and upcoming products.

New Commercial Director at Fueltone

9th February 2021

Experienced European aftermarket, Sales and Marketing Director Malcolm, joins Fueltone Ltd as their Commercial Director.

Recent experience in promoting parts brands across Europe, is backed by success over the decades, notably with FAI Automotive & Comline Autoparts, where he played a lead role in brand promotion and expansion.

Malcolm is firm believer in the value of the independent aftermarket. He is a strong supporter of the independent garage trade that continues to provide real value for money, ensuring that affordable motoring remains viable for millions of hard working families across Europe.

“The Fueltone PRO range of fuel additives, engine treatments and DPF cleaners are world class and I am delighted to be the commercial lead in getting this range out to a wider audience” says Rosher. Charlene O’Connor the Chief Executive of Fueltone welcomes Malcolm to the team “Malcolm brings an exciting range of skills and experience to the Fueltone management team, which will only enhance our role and reputation for excellence in the auto aftermarket”.

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