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Does your lawn mower need a boost?

15th August 2018

Traditionally fuel additives have been used for cars, vans and motorcycles. It is these engines that cost us money and often require ongoing maintenance. But what about other engines? 

Last month we met Steve, from Brayshaw Garden Machinery. Brayshaw Garden Machinery are experts in all types of garden machinery, from everyday petrol mowers and strimmer’s to larger ride on mowers. They offer repairs, advice and guidance to their clients in Perthshire. 

Brayshaw Garden Machinery

One of the problems with garden equipment is that the petrol is often left in the machine for long periods of time. Once the summer has passed, months can go by as this petrol is left sitting in the engine. This can lead to build up of soot and poor performance of the engine. 

Steve used Fueltone in a lawn mower engine that had fuel left in the engine and he was so impressed with the results that he made a video.

Steve said “we used Fueltone engine flush for the lower end flush and then Fueltone fuel treatment in the petrol, we had great results and the engine runs like new.”

Since seeing these results, Steve is now including Fueltone in every service provided by Brayshaw Garden Machinery, and ensures his customers that by doing so, there is no need to worry about ethanol damage to vital carburation components. 

So if your mower is struggling with poor performance or you need to flush out old petrol residue, find your nearest Fueltone stockist on our website and let us know what you think.

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