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What is a fuel additive and does it work?

18th July 2018

Our teams are often asked, what is a fuel additive and does it really work? 

There are loads of different products on the market with numerous claims and benefits so in this article we aim to dispel some of the myths that surround fuel additives and explain why the use of a fuel additives can have economical and envionrmental benefits for both domestic and commercial vehicle owners.


Many professional vehicle technicians refer to fuel additives as “mechanic in a can” since a fuel additive can offer solutions to various fuel delivery problems. Fueltone products were created specifically for proffessionals who were looking for a product that provides both a short term and long term solution to these problems. 

Different fuel additives claim to cure different problems. Our Fueltone fuel additives have been developed  by expert fuel chemists and work by improving fuel combustion, increasing engine power, improving weak acceleration and smoothing rough idling. By doing so we are able to show how your vehicle can improve fuel delivery and therefore improve performance and fuel economy while reducing emissions. 

Over time vehicles gather unnecessary slugde and soot in different areas of the engine, which will manifest in performance issues and poor fuel econonmy. A fuel additive works by removing the sludge and soot and improving combustion. Fuel additives enhance the lubrication of the vehicle’s working components which means that there is less wear and tear on the moving parts.

Our products have been showed to deliver up to 14% improved fuel efficiency and reduce particulate emissions by 86%.

Fuel additives are formulated separately for diesel and petrol vehicles since the compound requirements are different, Fueltone have developed products for both vehicle types.

You can use a fuel additive as a one off, to clean an engine that has become conjested. You are likely to see immediate benefits after the first use. Regular use helps to keep fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers clean as well. 

So in summary, fuel additives work as an all-round health treatment for your engine and are definitely worth the investment! Contact us to find out how you can stock Fueltone Fuel Additive in your garage. 

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