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All the latest news from Fueltone Pro regarding current and upcoming products.

New Product Launch - Fueltone Pro Engine Flush

9th August 2017

We are delighted to announce the latest product in the hugely successful Fueltone Pro range. Our new Engine Flush is a staple with the trade and provides a premium oil system flush designed to clean and lubricate in a very short timescale of 2-5 mins.

Scientifically designed, Fueltone Pro Engine Flush is designed to clean and lubricate. The base mix is a low viscosity engine oil carrier to ensure adequate lubrication and have added cleaners that keep engines clean by dispersing harmful debris generated during operation that can thicken the oil, cause wear, and plug the filter.  They reduce the formation of deposits on metal surfaces and inhibit soot agglomeration.  Their dispersant action helps keep small particles suspended so that they can be removed by the oil filter and not build up in the engine.

We have included a surfactant which removes any trace water within the oil system by capturing and binding to water molecules.

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